Finally Blogging again


I’m Back

After many years absence I have decided to relaunch my blog.

My intention is to have a personal place I can get back into writing and sharing some of my current thoughts within the software engineering and business world.

I am still focused on Ruby as a language, but have lost favour with the ‘Rails Way’ of doing things. I have explored Elixir and Erlang quite a bit and have looked into Common Lisp. However I always come back to Ruby and still enjoy working with it. You can’t beat the satisfaction coding in Ruby brings.

With the advent of Ruby 3 and the experimental usage of Ractor (Ruby’s Actor-like concurrent abstraction) I think it is a great time to be a Ruby dev. I just hope that with these and future improvements we can win back a lot of devs who have left Ruby for Elixir.

Future Planned Posts

I hope to be posting on how we can use Ruby to build truly domain driven applications. This is without large frameworks getting in the way of your domain logic. I am going to be posting specifically about dry-rb and how I have used a number of their gems to build functional cores for applications. These applications try to use good software design practices and implement just enough Functional paradigms to be useful.

I also plan to post book reviews, hopefully they will be useful to some people. The current books I intent to review are:

Books I need to review
Books I need to start/finish reading

Blog Platform

I am keeping it really simple. The blog is powered by Jekyll using the amazing klise theme. I am simply exporting it and using rsync to post site updates.

Stay up to date

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Feature image courtesy of Christian Schnettelker